The Flip Runway Refinishing Awards are only made possible by the generosity and kindness of our sponsors.

All our sponsors are people we have worked with as we built Flip Runway and they represent the brands which supply our furniture refinishing community with the finest tools and products on the market! We are enormously thankful for their support and their belief in what we set out to achieve when we founded the Flip Runway Refinishing Awards.

Fusion™ Mineral Paint is second to none!

With exceptional ease of application, minimal prep work, a virtually Zero VOC formulation, easy application with exceptional coverage and a gorgeous matte finish, no top coat required, you can go from inspired to admired in a few hours and confidently tackle any project small or large!

All of the Fusion™ products are non-toxic, lead free, virtually odourless and and contain no ammonia or formaldehyde. With over 50 gorgeous colours to choose from it’s so easy to paint it beautiful.

“We inspire people to ‘paint it beautiful’ with a range of non-toxic, easy-to-use water based paints. Fusion Mineral Paint was created in 2014—from 20 years of experience in the paint industry—specifically to meet the needs of the furniture painting market. We offer vision, inspiration, and DIY how-to’s so that upcycling and designing your own beautiful space is easy”.

Jennylynn Pringle, Fusion™ Mineral Paint

Keeping the tradition alive with historical paints and colours.

Originating as the only Canadian Milk Paint manufacturer, our family run company has shown its dedication and commitment to providing high quality paints across North America since 1989. With the increasing demand of eco-conscious consumers and years of innovation we are now able to provide a premium Zero VOC paint that no competitor can rival.

Now in its second generation as a family owned business, Homestead House remains Canada’s sole independent Milk Paint manufacturer.

“Painting is a creative process and you are the artist. Great artists have secrets. They all start with ideas, research, good quality supplies and a clean canvas. Once the fundamentals are covered the art can begin”.

Loree Pringle, Homestead House

Good things take time!

Fusion™ have perfected this ancient milk paint formula over 30 years – say hello to Milk Paint By Fusion™, 25 signature shades, a mix-and-go formula, and an ultra-long lasting finish.

Lots to Love with an easy to mix, no brush strokes, ultra-durable, won’t chip or peel on porous surfaces, super versatile – use it on furniture, walls, and any interior or exterior applications Zero VOC formula.

Smooth as silk to chippy chic – you choose. The possibilities are endless!

“We’re flipping the perception of milk paint on its head! Milk paint, made modern. Let us show you all the possibilities that Milk Paint has to offer, and change some of those preconceived notions you have about milk paint”.

Jennylynn Pringle, Milk Paint By Fusion™

Simple ingredients

Marian aka “Miss Mustard Seed” created Miss Mustard Seed’s® Milk Paint in 2012. She loved to paint and refinish old furniture and thought it would be amazing to have a line of Milk Paint in colours that she loved. What started out as a small idea, exploded into a full line of products carried by over 200 retailers in the US, Canada, Europe, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Milk Paint is an ancient paint containing just five simple ingredients – milk protein (casein), limestone, clay, chalk and natural & non-toxic synthetic pigments. When absorbed into the surface, Milk Paint will never chip or peel when applied to a raw wood surface. It is suitable for both interior and exterior applications and is naturally mould resistant. Milk paint provides a completely breathable coating and is ideal for painting wood, plaster, drywall and a variety of other surfaces. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and contains no VOCs.


Fit for painting, shaving, tickling & dusting

CLING ON! is the youngest paintbrush in The Netherlands, yet filled with decades of experience. Designed, not by marketeers in a suit, but by a Dutch painter, actually on the job on a daily basis, knowing what a paintbrush should do and what it should feel like. Handmade for use with waterbased products the Cling On! brush can in fact handle any kind of paint and will give you a flawless result, making painting no less than a joy. Discovered by furniture painters the Cling On! ’s are now the favourites of vintage lovers and furniture flippers, spreading around the world! Changing the past, working the present, fit for the future…. Check ‘em out!!


The story

Packing up everything and moving abroad is a daunting, but eye-opening experience. And that’s how it all began. Goedele’s move to Dalarna, Sweden in 2016 opened her eyes to a new creative world: folkloric drawings, the patterned wallpaper in old abandoned countryside homes, the wild flowers around Midsummer, the seasons and wildlife. A whole new world that inspired her to design her stencil collection.


Learning upholstery just got easier!

The Ministry of Upholstery is the UK’s leading modern upholstery school. Their manifesto is to make upholstery accessible to everyone. Whether you’re already a dab hand and want to learn more or have never lifted a staple gun in your life, they can teach you!

With world class facilities including large workshop space in Central Manchester, classrooms, a range of state of the art sewing machines, fully equipped frame-making workshop, individual private workshops and a teaching team with over 150 years’ experience between them, we are the destination for anyone wanting to learn upholstery.


For those in the know, Reclaim Magazine needs no introduction.

Launched in January 2016, Reclaim celebrates antique, vintage, upcycled and eco interiors, property, products and lifestyle. 

Reclaim continues to grow and build our wonderful community, which can’t be pigeon-holed! What does hold it together is curiosity and creativity, a belief in care and craftsmanship. Whether a salvage dealer or stylist, a vintage lover, upcycler, rummager, maker or reader looking for inspiration and originality for your home – they have you covered.

Reclaim is a lifestyle, an attitude and a way of using the past to live well, right now.


Master Craftmanship – Dutch History

The paintbrush is a traditional piece of equipment which it is assumed to be best manufactured using natural bristle. It still remains part of the standard tools of a painter. However for years manufacturers have been trying to develop a good alternative to bristle paint brushes – a universal brush that can handle both synthetic and water-based paints, whilst maintaining consistent brush quality. With the Staalmeester ® synthetic brushes, the solution is now available. The right combination of ingredients used in these synthetic paint brushes perfectly well meet requirements for correct processing of the new low “VOC” (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints. The difference from the natural bristle brushes is the consistent quality of the special thin synthetic filaments. The combination of the right bristle filling will result in a stripe less finish. with the less fluid VOC paint.

We know what you’re thinking…

’Chatbots… they can be so annoying and they must be so complicated to set up? You may feel overwhelmed and confused right now, but Think Outside The Bot is here to show you how you can create fun interactive chatbots that your customers will love and will make selling your products and services a breeze.