Thank you for entering the Flip Runway Refinishing Awards. Your creativity and dedication are truly inspiring.

Here’s what happens next:

  1. Submission Confirmation:
    • We have received your entry and will begin the review process shortly.
  2. Review Process:
    • Our team will carefully check your submission to ensure it meets all the criteria. Once verified, your entry will be added to the Awards Entry page on our website.
  3. Notification Email:
    • You will receive an email with a link to view your entry on the Awards page once it has been uploaded.
  4. Entries Close:
    • Please note that entries close on 5th August. Make sure to spread the word and encourage others to participate!
  5. Finalists Announcement:
    • The finalists will be announced at the Refinishing Renaissance event in Margate on 16th August.
  6. Winners Announcement:
    • Winners will be announced during a live event on our social media channels on Friday, 7th September. Don’t miss this exciting event!